16 Mar: Human vs. Machine Transcription: Who Comes Out on Top?

Confused over machine versus human transcription? Wondering which is better and why? This short guide might help with your decision. Speed: If speed is more important to you than accuracy, then automated transcription services are the way to go. There are many software tools that can convert speech into text in record time. A video that is approximately two hours long can take less than 30 minutes to transcribe. But, remember what you lose with this speed is accuracy. Audio Quality: Machine transcription converts spoken word into written word. It cannot isolate the actual speech which needs transcription from a noisy background. Multiple speakers, all of who may be enthusiastic to make their voice heard, will likely complicate the quality. To even consider using machine transcription for your needs, ensure that your audio has been recorded in a reasonably quiet environment and is free of static, cross-talk and that each…

26 Jan: How to Record a Good Audio for Quality Transcription

How to Record a Good Audio for Quality Transcription Do you require a quality verbatim transcription for your events, meetings or even court proceedings? And did you know that you control the key to a fast and professional transcript? Yes, that’s right! Transcription has a direct bearing on the quality of audio recordings. This means a good quality audio makes certain that you get back an accurate transcript with a quick turnaround. Here are a few tips to ensure that you record your audio well.