Our goal is to convert data into information and information into intelligence.


Each customer interaction with your business is an insight into future offerings which will define your success and ensure your customers’ satisfaction. Data analytics has become a vital appendage of businesses of all kinds and sizes. At Soft Scribe, we gather data from customer and employee interactions with your business from varied channels and platforms (website ratings on search engines, feedback e-mails, survey reports, customer feedback and comments on social media) and convert this raw data into visual usable information using cutting-edge analytics tools. This information is interpreted by our experienced team of professionals from all relevant fields and industries to decipher patterns. Such actionable insights provide power to decision makers to make informed decisions about current practices and business models. It also helps to analyze flaws and incompetence in departments, measure efficacy of processes and operations and enable seamless conjunction between all departments towards the greater good of the business. ¬†Ultimately, this logical process leads to near-perfection business operations and sustained growth. ¬†Customer satisfaction is a proven result of data analytics. We believe an error repeated more than once is a blunder and data analytics helps you in creating error-free processes.

Our Services

Soft Scribe provides your business the analytics advantage. We offer integrated solutions with relevant services under one ambit at a cost-effective model. This nominal investment will reap rich dividends which will multiply your ROI and optimize your marketing efforts.

  1. Next-Gen Analytics Tools such as Google Analytics, Moz Keyword Explorer, Open Web Analytics
  2. Business Intelligence such as spreadsheets, Online Analytical Processing(OLAP), digital dashboards and data mining
  3. Enterprise Data Management with Managed File Transfer (MTF)
  4. Data Visualization tools


Soft Scribe will function remotely but with the seamless functionality of an in-house department. Our experienced team of professionals is well-trained in all leading analytics tools and techniques. Moreover, we have professionals from all major sectors and industries who will analyze and interpret your business data accurately. We value your data and its safety and security will be our prime concern. Our integrated data analytics solutions are not only cost-effective but also measurable. The result of our efforts will be seen in your rapidly-rising ROI and improved customer engagement.  

Customer data is priceless; marketing without data insights is pointless! Investment in data analytics is a small price to pay for the magnitude of returns that it gives. Trust your data to the experts and see it turn to gold!