Hiring Editors for Legal and Business Transcription

Posted 3 years ago

Soft Scribe LLC has over 16 years of experience in transcription and is hiring editors for Legal and Business Transcription.



  • Ensure assigned raw transcripts are reviewed with the audio and every major, minor, grammatical, and immaterial error rectified as per verbatim. The corrected transcripts are to be completed with a minimum quality benchmark.
  • Proofread and edit transcripts as per formatting guidelines in prescribed formats and grammar
  • Perform internet research to confirm all terms and names and verify using supporting documents as provided with the audio files
  • Maintain a low error rate, contributing to very high-quality transcripts

Required Skills:

  • Listening ability for reviewing transcripts while listening to different accents
  • Minimum typing speedof 60 WPM is required to type/edit the transcripts
  • Strong knowledge of financial terms is critical as the Editor is expected to understand the context of the presentation and Q&A sessions
  • Strong research skills are required as the Editor is expected to conduct company-specific research, review presentations relevant for the transcription process and research participant names
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver very high quality within short periods of time
  • Excellent command over English language including grammar and punctuation
  • Ability to comprehend varied accents across the world
  • Knowledge of transcription-related software and Microsoft Word or equivalent
  • Good research and browsing skills
  • Ability to meet committed deadlines
  • Strong attention to detail and be thorough and meticulous
  • Demonstrate experience in transcribing U.S. legal proceedings as per legal formats for legal transcription
  • Flexible to work in the evenings and late night for business transcription and take up assignments with short turn-around-time

Send us your resumes along with your work timings to resumes@softscribellc.com.

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