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Internet has created a disruption that is impossible to ignore. A business needs to exploit the web skillfully to gain maximum mileage out of its marketing efforts. Marketing methodologies have also undergone a drastic change...from marketer-centric to customer-centric. In order to reach the net-savvy customers, your business needs to meet them where they are...in social media channels and platforms through innovative and non-intrusive ways such as educational blogs, helpful e-books and interesting articles...all created to address readers' aspirations and pain points.
Soft Scribe enables you to concentrate on your core business by providing a one-stop solution for all your accounting needs. We have a team of professional and qualified bookkeepers who can deliver the flexibility of working with you on a customised platform tailor-made to meet your business needs and to provide information and reports, as and when required.
Soft Scribe offers a comprehensive range of high quality, quick turnaround, and cost effective voice transcription services for diverse industry segments such as media, legal, business, education, governmental publishing, and entertainment industry. We are committed to delivering the most accurate and reliable transcripts to our clients in a time-bound manner, and even under the tightest deadlines. We provide superior quality transcripts meeting your customized requirements. Our unique structure enables us to efficiently manage expedited assignments and offer real-time solutions.
Each customer interaction with your business is an insight into future offerings which will define your success and ensure your customers' satisfaction. Data analytics has become a vital appendage of businesses of all kinds and sizes.


The Client

The Client is a U.S.-based forum where global thought leaders, philanthropists, scholars, and concerned citizens congregate to discuss, collaborate, and provoke action on issues pertinent to the collective good of society. The forum deliberates on multifarious topics including (but not limited to) environment & energy conservation, education & awareness, science & technology, justice & civic identity, philanthropy & social cause and many others. The mission, conceived in 1940 by leaders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, has gained the reputation of convening thought-provoking, action-oriented campaigns that go beyond the conference room.

The Situation

The Client conducts conventions/festivals that are divided into sessions, held at different locations. Each session is a congregation of eminent speakers belonging to the relevant disciplines.  The Client’s requirement was to obtain quality transcripts of the events after the culmination of the event.

Business Challenge

The task came with challenges such as:

  1. We had to cover the sessions live. To capture the talks verbatim, we had to audio record the sessions. Then, client-ready transcripts (proofread and edited) were to be prepared within the client’s prescribed turnaround time (TAT). The TAT varied from 8 hrs to 3-5 days.
  2. The sessions were conducted simultaneously at geographically-separated locations. Hence, dedicated teams comprising of transcribers and editors were to be delegated for each session. There was to be perfect coordination between the team members.
  3. The industry segment and accent of speakers at the sessions were varied. Precise skill mapping of transcribers to the talk agenda was needed for each event.
  4. Since the transcripts were to be directly published on the forum’s website, quality and timeliness were the Client’s prime requirements.

Our Solution

  1. We assigned dedicated teams to cover each event. A central scheduling team monitored and streamlined teams working on separate events. It maintained the production schedule, assigned the audios and ensured that the TAT was met without compromising on quality.
  2. Our in-house experienced transcribers and subject matter experts, proficient in industry segments, were able to transcribe the sessions with the accuracy of nearly 98%, much to the client’s satisfaction. Knowledge sharing of resources between teams was key to uninterrupted functioning.
  3. A central Quality Assurance/Quality Control Team conducted a final review of all prepared transcripts to generate publish-ready quality.


  • Soft Scribe’s efficient business solution helped the Client in publishing top-notch quality transcripts within 24 hours of the event culmination.
  • The business model utilized by our transcription team for the overseas Client was extremely cost-effective since we utilized the time difference between the US and India and completed processing the transcripts the same day as they are allocated to us. This enabled the client to avoid paying any additional overtime.
  • The client has been outsourcing its transcription work to Soft Scribe for over 7 years now and has concrete plans in the pipeline for extending collaboration.