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Social Media Marketing Trends – Post COVID

Post COVID, companies have been forced to adapt to a new digital era. The tools of the trade are also evolving with companies struggling to identify the right set of social media tools for their brand.

With time it became more apparent that lockdowns were not short-term and if not a total lockdown, “flexible” lockdowns will stay in place for a long time. Consumer buying patterns and behaviors have shifted over this time period. With increased reliance on online shopping and delivery services, contactless buying is quickly becoming our new norm. Businesses have had to adapt, invest in technology and tools to make this shift possible. There is also the challenge of connecting with customers using the right social media tools.

We have outlined a few trends in social media marketing which might help you better understand the platform best suited for your business.

Is it time to consider diversifying from your traditional platform?

Facebook revolutionized the way we connect, but you may find that most of your customers no longer use only Facebook. Check out where customers are spending their time and why:

Facebook (1.4 billion daily active users)

Instagram (500 million daily active users)

TikTok (720 million daily active users)

Snapchat (178 million daily active users)

YouTube (30 million daily active users)

Pinterest (200 million monthly active users)

Twitter (100 million daily active users)

Platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram have grown in popularity and are considered leading social media channels. What has caused this shift?


Companies who want to launch their products usually reach people with huge following in social platforms to review their product and post the review outcome in their social platform. This will increase the brands reach and awareness to a different set of audience. These influencers try the products, prepare content over it, and then upload those product-based content and advertisements so that it can reach a large number of people.

A newer source of marketers, called micro-influencers, have evolved. This targeted army of marketers work on a scale, much smaller than influencer marketers. They also have a smaller following on social media and they target a specific niche product or service with a very precise approach. Typically, promotions revolve around authentic and visual posts instead of sponsored ads.

Community Management

Have you noticed that all big brands have dedicated social media pages? Some have taken the additional step of building groups to offer more information and to stay connected with their customers. This goes a long way towards building brand loyalty. These groups allow customers to reach out directly to companies on their own time, but it is up to the company to offer effective community management. This involves a timely and informative response, information on safety measures, new products or promotions, etc.


This is one of the latest trends and stories are proving to be very successful and effective in conveying the message to consumers. It captures the attention of the user and it creates a direct connection between the company and the existing or potential consumer. Your story, if told effectively, can become viral within a short period!

Leveraging User-Generated Content

The role of reviews has shifted from merely offering information about the user’s experience with the specific product or service. Companies are taking community management to the next level by leveraging reviews to generate content. In other words, they are promoting their brand by pushing positive reviews. Some are even offering promotional discounts to loyal customers for creating a video testimonial. Imagine the power of user-generated content in influencing customers on the sidelines.

Messaging Apps:

According to Business Insider Intelligence, post COVID will be a time when more people will start using the top four messaging apps – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber. For instance, more than 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger. We can assist you in promoting your content and even create ads that can boost your sales through these messaging platforms.

Brands that are able to deliver clear, informative and strong messages, engage in transparent conversations considered reliable for their informational content, feel-good messages or offer valuable advice will rebound and outlive the crisis. 

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