Soft Scribe offers a comprehensive range of high quality, quick turnaround, and cost effective voice transcription services for diverse industry segments such as media, legal, business, education, governmental publishing, and the entertainment industry.

At Soft Scribe, we are committed to delivering the most accurate and reliable transcripts to our clients in a time-bound manner, and even under the tightest deadlines. We provide superior quality transcripts meeting your customized requirements. Our unique structure enables us to efficiently manage expedited assignments and offer real-time solutions.

How it works

You can upload your audio in our website in any digital audio format and specify the TAT and the style guide specifications if any. You will receive your transcript via email in the specified format on the due date with 98-100% accuracy.

Our rates

We can provide you with very competitive rates and these vary with the TAT, audio quality, number of speakers and reference materials available. Expedited projects with 6 to 10 hours TAT can be taken up. We have specialized transcribers to handle all international English accents. Our transcribers are trained to research on any subject matter and align to the specified format as given by the client. We can handle interview formats, where there are a few speakers, to meeting formats, where multiple speakers are involved. We offer attractive discounts to our recurring clients and for guaranteed transcription volumes.

Our three-tier transcription process

Soft Scribe has a three-pronged editorial process that enables it to deliver flawless transcripts according to your specific content and style requirements.

Tier 1 – The transcription process. This involves initial voice-to-text verbatim transcription along with any specific client requirements. Extensive research is done, both over the Internet and also by going through any reference materials provided by you.

Tier 2 – The review. The transcript is entirely tape-proofed by a proofreader, who checks for formatting errors, blanks/inaudibles, phonetics as well as the overall accuracy of the document.

Tier 3 – Quality Assurance. The reviewed transcript is master-proofed by the Quality Assurance Department for any left-over inaudibles, missing words, phonetics, errors, punctuations, or formatting issues. The QA team makes sure that the transcript is 100% accurate and confirms that all of your requirements have been incorporated into the transcript.

We have stipulated strict quality benchmarks for each stage of the process to ensure quality at all times.

Trained staff

Our transcribers and proofreaders go through an intensive two-month training program, followed by an objective assessment by the Quality Assurance Department before being put on the job.

We have specialized teams for different kinds of transcription requirements. Each individual and team is evaluated on a daily basis. Our evaluation parameters include accuracy, speed and format requirements. The Quality Assurance, Production and the Training Departments work closely in mentoring individuals and in providing refresher sessions for the production staff.

Security and Confidentiality

Confidentiality of client material is taken very seriously. We take extreme precautions to ensure the safety of their data. Our production teams are not allowed cell phones or any camera devices on the production floor. With the exception of three senior staff members, hard drives are not accessible to anyone and printers are only maintained in the server room. Only the IT staff is granted access to servers, and passwords and usernames are changed monthly. The server is protected by hardware firewall with comprehensive protection against network, content and application-level threats. The firewall selectively blocks social media sites. Access to personal emails from the production floor is blocked. All digital files and documentation is stored on the server. Our transcribers sign and agree to a confidentiality agreement before working on any transcript. You can be assured that your matter is kept confidential.

Additional features in transcripts

We provide value-added features for your transcript at minimal additional cost. These include, but are not limited to, creating downloadable PDF versions and uploading it to your websites or FTP sites. Timestamps can be inserted in the transcript, which will enable you to refer to the corresponding location in the audio. We offer turnaround times as low as 6 hours and cater to emergency requests or ad hoc assignments.

Quality and client service is never compromised. We are your one-stop destination for all your transcription needs and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Contact us to experience our transcription services.